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Speakeasy produced an expo for BAE Systems in Abu Dhabi in 2012. The event’s main objective was to raise the profile of BAE in the UAE as an excellent career choice for young people, with a particular focus on encouraging young women into engineering.

Speakeasy was responsible for promoting the event, the safe transit between the UK and UAE of valuable defence and technology assets, producing bespoke internal and external exhibition areas (including constructing an outdoor structure) and all event branding and graphics. Experiential features included a Typhoon aircraft simulator.

Several VIPs attended the expo and it was Speakeasy’s responsibility to ensure they were looked after to the highest standard – whilst ensuring they visited all areas of the expo.

Speakeasy also produced the video content for the expo and had it translated so attendees had the option of listening in English or Arabic to make it accessible to all.

The expo was hugely popular with the target audiences and, over the three days, almost 800 students attended the event, including more than 400 girls. Feedback revealed that the expo had helped the young people attending develop an interest in engineering and new technology.

It was great working with you and the team. You worked amazingly hard and the expo was a great success – everyone is extremely pleased with it all.

-Louise Robson, Head of Communications East, BAE Systems

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