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The Department of Business Innovation and Skills commissioned Speakeasy to deliver its 12-week Student Finance Tour 2016, involving more than 2,000 events to educate over 160,000 students about the financial support available for going to university.

Peer-to-peer communication is key to the campaign’s success. Speakeasy recruited a group of outgoing graduate presenters to act as passionate advocates, sharing their own

positive university experience with prospective new students.

Our presenters attended a bespoke three-day Speakeasy training programme to prepare them for delivering interactive and engaging 30-minute presentations at each event.

The aim was to fully immerse the graduate presenters in the Student Finance Tour experience, and ensure they were ‘emotionally attached’ to the brand message when they went out on the road.

To help the campaign target key low participation regions across England, Speakeasy selected presenters who were familiar with these areas to deliver the local presentations. This allowed us to maximise the audience connection in priority areas.

Since its launch in 2011, the BIS Student Finance Tour has educated nearly 500,000 students and 60,000 parents about the financial support available for university through around 8,000 events.

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