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In 2015, Police Mutual Group commissioned Speakeasy to produce its first ever series of group-wide staff events, to be held at key locations in the Midlands, Hampshire, Suffolk, Merseyside and Staffordshire.

The UK-wide organisation offers financial advice and services to serving and retired Police officers and members of the Armed Forces. Speakeasy’s role covered video, 2D and 3D design – including all print design and production and screen animation – app development, content development, communications planning and transport and logistics.

Marketing of the events involved setting up eight separate event websites and managing the invitation process, as well as signage, registration and badging at the venues.

We developed all content for the roadshow events including slides, a series of video inserts and interactive elements. Interaction with the audiences was via a bespoke event app using iPads to cast votes and submit feedback and questions. The event app also included a note-taking facility and information about the agenda and speakers. By providing full event information, the app meant there were no print requirements – making the event completely paperless.

The final show was webcast live, also with interactive content.

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